A truly inspirational story September 21, 2013

A five * rating reviews By Lynda McLean

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Wow, an incredible read, I just couldn’t put it down. An amazing story about a woman that not only survived a life filled with experiences that left her with feelings of rejection, sadness, anger, shame, self hate & disgust and such a sense of worthlessness that she was on the brink of committing suicide, but through her willingness to accept herself, the “good and the bad”, to work on herself and to give of herself she grew into a strong & wise woman that fills me with hope. It made me look at myself and the way I perceive my life and the part I play in it, giving me a greater understanding of not only myself but of others also…loving life! Absolutely inspirational! I thought I might add that as I was reading Facing Demons I actually found myself imagining it on the big screen…maybe that’s just me…maybe…

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Hi Guys, COME ON;;;; HOW COULD YOU NOT SUPPORT A LADY WITH A LOVING FACE LIKE THAT????This book is fantastically written and it is giving an amazing account of how Marion came from a no win situation to a wonderfully happy life helping others with their life journey all over the world. In my everyday work I see people in positions hundreds of times better off than Marion was and they still cant get it together.SO Guys give our fellow light worker here a huge round of applause by buying her book and send her sales over 1000 forget 500 she deserves far more than half measures. Marion you take a bow because you got at least one admirer in Ireland. WELL DONE

THANKS Danielle, lets get this thing rolling for Marion.

Spread The Light

By James J Sheehan

Marion’s Journey

I am a writer and a healer. Join me on a journey that will change your life forever!

I love helping others to become the person they really are, to find yourself and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. This philosophy is the same for adults and children. This is how my books’ evolved.

Books and Oracle Cards authored by Marion

Facing Demons is an autobiography of my life from childhood to now.

The children’s books are beautifully illustrated story books and designed for different age groups – the ‘Star’ series is for young children of 1 to 5 years. The ‘Finding Spirit’ series is for older children of 6 years up.

Being an adventurous, spiritual lady who has been gifted with the ability write and heal I wanted to put it to good use. The result is Facing Demons – a book that shows, rather than tells, my life story from the depths of despair and near suicide to spiritual enlightenment. I learnt to self-heal and remove the demons that were hidden in the depths of my body.

From these experiences I gained strength and realised I had another gift – that of being able to heal others. Facing Demons is the story of that journey.

Facing Demons full front cover copy“This is a very honest, open and brave account of a truly remarkable woman’s experiences both in this physical realm, and in the spiritual plane.  In sharing her knowledge and discoveries with us, we can feel empowered to look at our world differently and more clearly.  Thank you for revealing your innermost thoughts with such pure altruistic intentions in order that we can help and empower ourselves.”
Take care and thank you
Rita S.H. Vinten, M.D., C.C.F.P., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Lyndall Bonney
Have started reading your wonderful book today, then had to take a break & seek out a treasured friend as the truth in your memoir moved me so. Am lost for words to describe the chord your words struck in my heart of hearts. Thank you so much .

An extraordinary journey from deep shit to great wisdom and personal power September 7, 2013

By M. E. Butter

This well-written book starts when the author is on the brink of suicide. Almost giving in to despair, she experiences a wonderful white light and boundless love and energy in her heart, which she refers to as I AM. It is a pivotal point, where she starts to realign her deteriorated life. The book reads like an adventure roman, because each time she soars in flight, she plunges down again. Hard. Early in her journey she discovers and starts to use her extraordinary healing powers, at the same time raising her three sons as a single mom. She has many healing as well as self-healing experiences, that really work out well. Yet, each time a new disaster happens, screwing up her life, her health, her relationship. By facing whatever challenge on her path, she discovers that each and every calamity enables her to heal another level of deeply ingrained self-destructive patterns. These patterns are all too familiar for many of us. Grappling with them and step by step overcoming them results in true wisdom. I’m sure that many readers will find new courage and better coping strategies, helping to face their own demons by reading this story.


Review by ALLEN ENGST True Blue Spirit Magazine Issue 5 2013

Facing Demons by Marion Brownlie 

Facing Demons is a story of the life of Marion Brownlie. A life filled with sorrow and basic instincts of survival. It is like being knocked down and dragged away to die.

Through bad marriages and trying to commit suicide she survived and faced her demons.

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The I AM Source Guidance oracle cards have been created to help and support.

box book layout 400pxThe I AM Source Guidance cards are designed to help you to receive messages and guidance from your Spirit Guides. They can guide you with messages related to any challenges you may encounter, your present life and your future. These simple cards contain beautifully crafted messages that can be life-changing. The guidebook gives expanded explanations on each card’s meaning and allows for accurate readings for yourself and others. 

I AM oracle cards is a 50 card deck with guidance for yourself or your clients. They can be used on a daily basis or if you have any questions to ask. Enjoy the cards and be confident that their messages will always be for your highest good. Cards are available for purchase.

I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Marion Brownlie, who is truly a blessing of the Universe. Marion has been a wonderful guest on my radio show a couple of times now, and freely shared her wisdom and wonderful knowledge with my listeners, who loved her.

I have read her book ‘Facing Demons’ and have a set of her gorgeous ‘I Am Source Oracle Guidance Cards’ which I loved toooooo!! 

Marion has a welcoming, warming and calming nature who you instantly feel connected with. Keep up the truly inspirational work that you do! Love and Light. Jenni Bee
Physchic Dilemma
AIR Radio Show Host


spirit-of-self_   front cover 267x400 copy

Beautifully illustrated, the gentle guidance of Spirit of Self can show children how find their own inner strength and essence. It will help them to understand their own thoughts and feelings, guiding them through many challenges during childhood and lay a foundation for their later years.

Spirit of Self is the first book in the series ‘Finding Spirit’ and is written for children 7 – 13  years.


star-is-happy- front cover 450px copy

Star is Happy is the first book in the series‘Feelings of Star’. This series has been created for children to help them understand their feelings and emotions, and to learn that they can love and be loved.

The first book in the series ‘Feelings of Star’ is for young children 2 – 6 years.

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