About Marion


 Marion’s mission in life is to help people to achieve the necessary changes to so that each may find more joy and happiness in life.  Marion’s spirit guides have taught her a unique form of healing that allows for  extreme change to happen very quickly.

She became interested in spiritual enlightenment,metaphysics, self-empowerment, self-healing, mentoring and fitness coaching focusing on using your own innate ability. Marion currently mentors two people who represent Australia in obstacle racing.

The self-healing she used to heal herself of the many traumatic experiences that were deeply hidden. Continuing to learn more, she moved onto personal development, soul growth, the sub-conscious,other dimensions, spirit possession, the power of love, the effect fear and negativity has on our lives, and ventured into many areas of thought where people fear to tread including the paranormal and metaphysical.

She became a practicing Master Practitioner and Councillor of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapist. She has also studied Massage and Reflexology as well as becoming a psychic/intuitive and energy healer specialising in spirit removal. Qualified personal fitness trainer at Fit Farm Training