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Is happiness our ultimate goal?

There is little doubt that we would all like to be happy but is happiness our ultimate goal? I don’t think it should be our ultimate goal. I think it should be our daily goal. Learning to be happy, content and at peace with ourselves on a daily basis as we journey to our goals, […]

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About Protection

A lesson from my Guides Another lesson from my guides involved the way I had been using love and light for protection. They said that by focusing on the need for protection we were coming from a basis of fear and wasting our energy. We should not be focusing on what we want to go […]

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Removal of Entities

Controlling Influences -from Facing Demons My spiritual rescue work increased with people needing help just seeming to arrive at my clinic. There were to be some very interesting developments and discoveries during this time that have influenced my thinking. I ask you to consider the following concepts. Do you know someone who has uncontrollable mood […]

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