My collection of books and set of Oracle Cards are described in detail on their individual pages.

I invite you to read the excerpts, listen to the interviews and browse the book reviews.

Facing Demons is my own story. I documented all that happened to me over the years in the hope that others can benefit from reading my experiences and put into practice some of the techniques I used to heal myself.


‘I AM’ Source Guidance oracle cards

The I AM Source Guidance cards are a beautifully crafted set of 50 oracle cards, each with their own short passage and full description in guidebook. The I AM Source Guidance cards are a 50 card deck with guidance for yourself or your yourself or clients.They are designed to help you to receive messages and guidance from your Spirit Guides. They can guide you with messages related to any challenges you may encounter, your present life and your future. These simple cards contain beautifully crafted messages that can be life-changing. The guidebook gives expanded explanations on each card’s meaning. They ...
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Star is Hungry

 ‘Star is Hungry’ by Marion Brownlie. Beautiful hand painted water colour illustrations. All kids will love the bright colours and fun illustrations! Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite. Star is Hungry: Book 2 Feelings of Star series by Marion Brownlie is a charming storybook for kids that will not only help them connect with their own feelings, but also encourage them to eat healthy food that is good for nourishing their body and mind. Star is hungry and sees a pear on the tree. Star sees other children and thinks it is right to share the pear with them ...
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Star is Happy

Book 1 of  the Feelings of Star series For young children 1-6 years Star is Happy has been created for children to help them understand their feelings and emotions, and to learn that they can love and be loved.  Through its gentle messages and beautiful illustrations Star is Happy will give children warm sunny feelings. Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite 5 stars for Star is Happy on Readers favorite Star is Happy by Marion Brownlie is an adorable book for children that conveys a beautiful message of finding joy in all the simple things in life that we ...
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Spirit of Water

Spirit of Water is a beautifully written and illustrated book incorporating the magical element of imagination to delight and stimulate your child about our world. The complexities and disconnectedness of nature, in particular — water — are explained so effortlessly, that even as a grown up, I felt transported to a time where elders instructed and initiated the young into the world of nature as a matter of course. I felt my Celtic roots being pulled up and nurtured by long ago ancestors. “ — Karen Clark. BA — Herbalist and Wise Woman. Reviewed by Hilary Hawkes for Readers’ Favorite ...
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Spirit of Self

This review is from: Spirit of Water (Paperback) Marion Brownlie's Finding Spirit series of children's books is a treasure-trove of wondrous possibilities for children. And Spirit of Water is a magical new addition, gifting the loving understanding of the innate healing Spirit of water, the very essence of Life, and found in each and every one of us. Such a timely message for youngsters, lovely illustrations, and beautiful, heartful writing is a rare combination in children's books, yet Marion Brownlie achieves this with such seeming ease, merely from speaking from the Heart. Finding Spirit - Book 1 "Spirit of Self" ...
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facing demons

Facing Demons

Facing Demons was written with the intent to help, support and encourage each on their own life journey. It is an autobiography and has many unexpected twists and turns that drew the reader into the story. Available as paperback or Kindle eBook ($3.99)in all major online book stores Links to Barnes & Noble or your favorite online bookstore. Despair, marriage breakup and rearing three young children, suicide of a partner and loss of her eyesight all became nearly insurmountable to Marion, except for one thing - she learnt how to heal herself. Through sheer strength, resilience and determination plus ...
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The children’s books I am still creating. The first four books are published

Finding Spirit book 1 Spirit of Self

                    book 2 Spirit of Water

The Feelings of Star series book 1 Star is Happy

                                       book 2 Star is Hungry


About the Children’s Books

Marion is qualified Master Practitioner and Counsellor of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy and personal fitness trainer. I have been working in private practice in the field of natural healing and counselling for the past twenty years and raised three sons.

The following is a brief overview of the basis of the development of the two separate book series. ‘Finding Spirit’ series consists of nine books and ‘The feelings of Star’ is seven books.

I was contemplating what I would like to teach my grandchildren that would be of most value to them.  These book series’ are based on those teachings and concepts. Both series of books have been written to help children to broaden their understanding and map of the world.  The stories encourage them to view all things from a different, more open perspective, as well as to help them understand their feelings and emotions.  I hope to enhance their life skills and enrich their image of themselves and life in general.

I feel there is a gap in the education of children when it comes to them being able to understand and to feel comfortable with the spiritual and emotional aspects of themselves and all things around them. Both series are simply written and easy to understand; ‘Finding spirit’ books are appropriate for 3-12 year old children.  However they have also being written to broaden the understandings of parents, when they read them to their children.

‘Finding Spirit’ books consist of The Spirit of Self and The Spirit of Water.   Each story is between 1200 & 1300 words.
The stories are gentle and informative.  The messages they carry will enhance anyone’s life and add exciting dimensions and possibilities to their map of the world.

The ‘Feelings of Star’ books are simple to read with little rhymes and will be enjoyed by young children up to 8yrs old. The first two books are Star is happy and Star is Hungry.  Each story is between 250 & 300 words.
Karen Simpson Clark March 27 at 12:11am
Hey Marion, Eamonn is loving ‘spirit of water’ right now. He is completely enthralled by it, and its his favourite night time read, even displacing Ben 10 (which is a huge compliment!) Xx