Marion talks about her book Facing Demons

Readers Favorite 5 Star Award winning books. Marion Brownlie talks about her book Facing Demons. She speak of her experiences and how she went from near suicide to becoming the strong woman she is today. Linda Lycett of Aurora House says “This radio interview is inspiring and a must to listen to”. The interview is […]

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Video Interview with Marion Brownlie

Despair, marriage breakup and rearing three young children, suicide of a partner and loss of her eyesight all became nearly insurmountable to Marion, except for one thing – she learnt how to heal herself. Through sheer strength, resilience and determination plus a life-changing experience, Marion overcame adversity. Healing herself, and learning about the power of […]

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Northern Star interview

‘It’s nothing cuckoo’ 26th December 2011 Marion Brownlie of Lismore has released her book on helping those who want to face their demons in their life. LISMORE Heights resident Marion Brownlie might know how to remove an unwanted spirit from someone, but just don’t call her an exorcist. “It’s a shocking word because it brings […]

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