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Marion is a renowned for her work and offers intuitive readings with spirit guidance through Source. She works from the heart using intuition,  tarot cards and pendulum to double check. She specialises in spirit removal, the extraordinary and has been working with Spirit, channelling Source for healing, readings, counseling. Marion has also taught self-awareness and life skill groups for the past 25 years.

Marion’s readings can provide psychic guidance about future choices, likely outcomes and best options, helping you to increase self-confidence and make more-informed decisions thus helping you to achieve peace of mind. She does her best to work with you and embrace those things that are most important to you.

Marion is a counsellor and master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – or NLP for short – It is the language of behaviour that can produce instant change resulting in an ability to ‘learn’ new behaviours immediately. She channels healing energy and am certified in massage and reflexology.

 Marion always offers offers you the best of herself. When Healing sessions are booked Marion asks that you respect the fact she has to put 3 hours aside for each new client. Hence any cancellation or appointment change within 48hrs of the appointment will incur a $50 penalty fee when you next make an appointment.
Marion is available for home readings via Skype or Phone. Healing sessions, life coaching, mentoring can also be conducted via Skype.

Fees for Intuitive Readings or Consultations and Healing
Private healing or consultation face-to-face first session 1½ hours $190.00

Private healing or consultation remote first session 1½ hours $190.00

1Hour reading or Follow up appointments 1hour $110.00

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1/2hour reading or consult $60.00

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House  Clearing by arrangement.

Please note: All prices are in Australian dollars

Please contact Marion by email marion @  (remove spaces) or phone after payment has been made to organise time for consultation. Email Marion for the email readings.

Phone Australia 0266246998. Overseas ph. +612 66246998

Bank details for direct debit. Australia only.

Marion Brownlie

ANZ Bank

BSB: 012715

A/C:  466375322



  1. Marnie Q

    I have been greatly impressed and helped by Marion.

    I had three readings – one each of email, phone and in person after getting a strong recommendation from a friend who has known Marion for several years.

    Having had a mild heart attack and a mini stroke, neither serious, I nevertheless thought it would be useful to get an idea of the time/ costs/ any associated problems related to selling my property in a little rural village – difficult to get a buyer while real estate is in a slump.

    Marion surprised me by referring to both 3 months and five months as part of the selling process (both of which were 100% accurate) and said I would have to reduce the price a bit.

    She was 100% accurate but it was particularly interesting because I had set my price $12K higher than recommended by two real estate agents.

    The two factors that have rather amazed not only me but also the people in the village are:-
    1.To get a quick sale
    2. at a price that, even reduced a little, still put me well ahead of the agents’ figure .

    Marion also told me not to keep looking on the Internet for my next property, saying that it would be there when I was ready.
    And when I was ready, it was there on – with EXACTLY the three specific features I needed.

    Regarding her personal predictions for me, I therefore have very good reason to have confidence in her accuracy.

    I can recommend Marion as my friend did to me; she is a warm, friendly, unassuming lady who is genuinely very talented in this field.

    Thank you, Marion,
    Marnie Q

  2. Marion (Post author)

    Thank you so very much for your endorsement Marnie it is greatly appreciated and I’m so pleased it all worked out well for you. Namaste

  3. Sally J

    Thank you Marion for a very intuitive reading, it has helped me see things clearer . You gave me confirmation on lots of decisions and understood my issues with clarity and insight. You are a gem that shines so bright !! Thank you

  4. Marion (Post author)

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated thank you Sally. I’m so pleased you found it such a positive help. Rest comfortably in your heart. Namaste.

  5. Ange

    Magic Marion lifted me and my family by clearing away some dark shadows that have been blocking our way forward. Her spiritual knowledge and calm genuine manner made it very easy for us to tell her our concerns. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We believe that you have saved us many more years of conflict and uncertainty, and have cleansed us. Bless you.

    1. Marion (Post author)

      Magic happens for magic people Ange. Thank you I was honored to have the privileged.

  6. Elsie

    I enjoyed meeting Marion in hokianga.She is an awesome facilitator for helping people let go do deep seated issues. I loved her sense of humor and ability to just be human.arohanui Elsie

    1. Marion (Post author)

      Thanks very much for your endorsement Elsie. I know you are a respected healer in your own right also. Keep on with your good work and many blessings to you.
      Namaste Marion

  7. Meredith H

    I recently came to see Marion to tackle a phobia of moths that has plagued me my entire life and caused me so much terror.
    Marion has healed me in so many ways!
    My visit with Marion has changed my life. I feel so much lighter and freer. I connect with Source a couple of times a day and I am now so present in whatever I am doing. My head is so quiet and I am filled with peace and joy.
    The best thing is I can now look in the mirror and tell myself “I love you, you are special and worthy” and BELIEVE it, for the first time ever!

    So thank you Marion, from the bottom of my heart, you have changed my life and I can’t believe how wonderful I feel and how everything has changed.
    You are such a special person. xx

    1. Marion (Post author)

      You have no idea how much your testament means to me Meredith. When I know I have helped someone like you it gives me the greatest of pleasure. May all your years ahead be blessed, beautiful you.


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