Life in 2020 was a very difficult year for many. The vibration around the planet was very disrupted and brought many emotional issues to the fore. Fear was a dominant vibration for many caused by the fear od disease and change. Unwittingly many brought into this vibration at great cost to their own sense of well being and health.

To move forward into a better 2021 recognize and accept the emotions that you are feeling. If you don’t like what you find when you honestly examine yourself then it is up to you to make the necessary changes that only you can make.

Fear cannot exist in the moment it is always generated from past experience or future thought. For the greatest health and sense of well being we need to endeavor to exist in the moment.

Even if you are not feeling so settled in yourself or a bit depressed it helps if you can send yourself thoughts of love and acceptance. This raises your vibration and helps to disperse fearful thoughts. Do not expect to necessarily feel anything It is quite alright to feel as if you are just pretending to do it as it will still have an effect and help to raise your vibration and eventually you will fine that you do feel a little lighter.

Don’t buy into everything the media tells you. The media is strictly controlled and often is the cause of spreading the fear vibration. Fear is a great way of keeping people under control and a fearful person is easily manipulated. Do not be responsible for the fear vibration of the masses.

May 2021 be a happier place for you. Many blessing to you from Marion (