Do you believe in space people?  What would you do if your 11-year-old son tells you in all sincerity that he came here from another planet?   This is the dilemma I was confronted with. 

“Mum, I can remember choosing you to be my mother and coming into you before I was born”.  How was I to respond?

Right from the beginning Jess appeared to have ‘an old head on young shoulders’.  His behaviour was not that of a child.  A lot of boys Jess’ age were wrapped up in space comics, videos and games.  Jess had never shown any interest in these pastimes.  He was not given to imagination or flights of fantasy.   Looking back now I would describe him as being bewildered by the human traits of greed, selfishness and indifference to the universe.  These things were foreign to him, and seeing them occurring all around him caused a deep inner sadness in him.  This outlook is not typical of an eleven-year-old boy at all.

He also had great difficulty grasping the English language, his speech having a strange accent and slow to develop.  Some people learn speech easily as if it is just second nature to them.  With Jess it was as if he was learning something totally foreign.  Jokingly people had often passed different comments to me about him such as, “Does he come from another planet or something?”

In these instances I would brush it off with a laugh and pay no more heed to their comments, hence the shock that morning when he opened up to me.  He came to me and said he had something that he wanted to tell me, choosing a time when he knew we were unlikely to be disturbed.

“Mum, I want you to listen to me. Please don’t ask any questions until I am finished saying what I have to say”.  Somehow his voice sounded different.  It was a voice full of wisdom and knowledge, and yet reassuring at the same time.  I turned to look at this child sitting beside me on the bed, and instead of seeing an eleven year old boy I saw the compassionate, wrinkled face of an ancient being watching me.  My fears vanished and I had the premonition that whatever was going to be revealed to me was of utmost importance.  I sat and listened as his incredible story unfolded.

“I was on another planet.  We had been observing earth for some time and we felt there was a need for one of us to go there and report back to our planet about what was happening.  The destruction on earth affects our planet as well, and the universe as a whole.  I can remember not wanting to be that person as what we had observed happening on earth was not terribly pleasant. The council decided that I was the one most qualified to do the job.  I can remember choosing you to be my mother.   I died then and came to you as a ball of light, entering you.   I have two friends, little green men from this other planet who are in constant contact with me and who also let me know a lot of what is happening in the universe.  There is also other work that I do but I am not allowed to tell you about that yet.  Much of it is done in my sleep at night”.

I shook my head, thoughts raced through my mind.  Was I hearing what I was hearing?  Could all of this possibly be true?  Yes it had to be.  Jess would never have made up a story like this.  We were not into ‘space people stuff’ and lord only knows where else he would have got it.

“Why are you telling me this now, Jess?”

“I have wanted to tell you for a long time, but they wouldn’t let me because you wouldn’t have listened before.  I do as they say”.