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This review is from: Spirit of Water (Paperback)
Marion Brownlie’s Finding Spirit series of children’s books is a treasure-trove of wondrous possibilities for children. And Spirit of Water is a magical new addition, gifting the loving understanding of the innate healing Spirit of water, the very essence of Life, and found in each and every one of us. Such a timely message for youngsters, lovely illustrations, and beautiful, heartful writing is a rare combination in children’s books, yet Marion Brownlie achieves this with such seeming ease, merely from speaking from the Heart.


Finding Spirit – Book 1 “Spirit of Self”

The gentle guidance of Spirit of Self can show children how find their own inner strength and essence. It will help them to understand their own thoughts and feelings, guiding them through many challenges during childhood and lay a foundation for their later years. This book is beautifully illustrated and for children 3 – 12 years.

Readers favouriteCompleted on:   08/27/2016 Review Rating:   5 stars! Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Spirit of Self (Finding Spirit), Book One in the Finding Spirit series by Marion Brownlie is an uplifting and inspirational book for all those children who have felt alone at some stage in their lives. The book encourages them to accept, nurture, and strengthen their inner selves, and guides them through the challenges they face while growing up. Children will be motivated to think positively. They will also be guided to enhance their self-belief after reading this book, which will give them comfort and peace throughout their lives, especially when they are going through hard times. The discovery by the little girl of ‘My Spirit’ – which resides inside everyone – takes readers on a journey where they understand more about their inner selves and build up their self confidence whenever they feel low.

The spiritual vibe resonates well with readers and the author’s simple story and narration help them understand the concept of ‘spirit’ that is in everyone. The illustrations are bright and colorful and make the concept clear and the scenes more vivid. The question and answer format of writing makes it easy for readers to comprehend the concept of ‘spirit’ and color themselves with the color of the ‘spirit.’ The book is a good bedtime storybook and can also be used in classrooms and school libraries for read aloud sessions. This is a lovely journey for all readers who need guidance to embrace them and help them find themselves when they feel alone.


A Special Book For a Special Child May 21, 2015
‘Spirit of Self’ is beautifully written: I can easily imagine this becoming a child’s favorite book. That special book that gives them strength and confidence if they are feeling sad and lonely, or the one that reaffirms how special they are. I can’t wait to give this to my Granddaughter … I know she will love it!


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