Author & Energy healer

Marion Brownlie

Marion works through Source. Nothing will faze her and yes, she will not dub you as being crazy if
you have an extraordinary or out of this world experience. She is psychic and works with all
different aspects of life, past life, trauma, transformation and possession.

Her books have been written to help and support both adults and children, they may well transform your life and understanding as do her psychic reading and her energy clearing work through hypnosis.

Marion has completed formal training but her spirit helpers have taught her much of the work she is so competent and passionate about. Have you ever thought that schizophrenia may be caused by another soul/spirit sharing the same body that is only built for one? Well, it happens – you are not crazy. Follow that gut feeling no matter what the head says, trust your instincts.

Please feel free to contact her, or purchase her books through the links on her book page.

New Release

Step Into Mindfulness

Step into Mindfulness. Be mindful that this powerful little book has big knowledge. It focuses on many diverse aspects of life and provides you with the tools necessary to step into the state of mindfulness. Step into Mindfulness simplifies many misunderstood ‘spiritual’ aspects about personal development, inner growth and self love.

New Release

The Awakening

One Woman’s Discovery of her Own Inner Power

Marion has had an extra ordinary life. In a short space of time she has experienced events that have fast-tracked her spiritual understanding and personal growth. She has shared these events with you to show how she coped, with the hope that what she learnt will help you as well.

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Oracle Cards

The I AM Source Guidance cards are a 50 card deck with guidance for yourself or your yourself or clients.They are designed to help you to receive messages and guidance from your Spirit Guides. They can guide you with messages related to any challenges you may encounter, your present life and your future. These simple cards contain beautifully crafted messages that can be life-changing. The guidebook gives expanded explanations on each card’s meaning.


Psychic Reading

Marion receives her messages for you through a variety of psychic senses. She has performed many readings and has been developing the senses needed to give clear guidance for thirty years, while working actively in the field of psychic telephone readings (Australia’s top ten readers). as well as face to face, markets and fairs…


Marion has been taught a technique by her spirit guides that combines the use of a variety of modalities to develop a unique form of energy clearing and balancing through the use of hypnosis. This technique has been developed and fine-tuned over thirty-five years. Her unique form of healing that allows for…

Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness is about learning to honour yourself and your life in a
balanced loving way. Marion helps you to trust and understand yourself and your senses coupled with guided meditation and self-development. Her classes help you to expand your world of understanding yourself and life,
and taking charge of both.

Marion’s Books

5 Star Readers Favourite Award Winner

The Awakening is an amazing and inspiring book, with a wealth of knowledge and life experiences shared. It reads like a novel. A novel that answers unanswered questions for so many, I’m sure, like myself. Whilst reading the book, I was compelled to quickly read it. It was a great force that was encouraging me to keep reading. I found out later, that it answered many questions for myself and gave me a sense of inspiration and courage. It gave me direction for my own life and sense of worth. An amazing story, an amazing woman, and an amazing novel, The Awakening.

– Fiona Rose