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Reference from Andrew 2021

Back in 2015 I was at a low point in my life battling with addiction and other things that I did not know off.  My Wife and I were holidaying in NSW and decided to got to the market.  Every time I walked past Marion’s stall I had the feeling I had to go back.

After a couple of trips passed her stall I finally got the nerve to talk to her.

 She said “hi I’m Marion, we should talk”. Within 5 minutes she told me stuff about myself that only my wife knew about including my addiction and most importantly the unwelcome passengers that were with me and annoyed me nearly every night.  I left her and went to the car were cried for about an hour.

When I got back to Victoria I tried to quit drinking and drugs and tried not to believe in the things that visited me every night just saying it was in my head.

  After a year of this shit I got the nerve went back for an appointment with Marion.   Marion explained everything and help me understand what was going on with me.  She got rid of the entities and helped me to a much better place within myself.

  Since that day I have not touched drink or drugs again, she also taught me how to deal with any ‘visitors’ who tried to move into my space.

 I cannot thank Marion enough for what she did for me.  I can say 100% that she saved my life and gave me a me one where I can fully know myself.  This  chance meeting changing my life.

 I love you mate and ask anyone who reads this to do yourself a favour and go and see this beautiful lady if you need help.

I am Andrew just an ordinary 47-year-old man. It is now 6 years since my appointment with Marion and I’m proud to say I have stayed ‘clean’.

 Andrew sent .

 at 8:14 PM

The Following link is about a hypnosis energy clearing session that Charmaine witness when Marion treated her son for bad and uncharacteristic behaviour.
Charmaine’s testimonial.


first session

$220 AUD

follow up

$110 AUD

Marion has been taught a technique by her spirit guides that combines the use of a variety of modalities to develop a unique form of energy clearing and balancing through the use of hypnosis. This technique has
been developed and fine-tuned over thirty-five years. Her unique form of healing that allows for extreme change to happen very quickly.

Marion ventured into many areas of thought where people fear to tread including the paranormal and metaphysical. No matter how out there or crazy you may think ‘your story’ Marion has heard and dealt with most. She assures you she will not think you are crazy.

She became a practicing Master Practitioner and Councillor of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapist. She has also studied Massage and Reflexology as well as becoming a psychic/intuitive and energy healer specialising in spirit removal.

Hypnosis or energy and emotional clearing/healing sessions:

First session approx 1½ hours $ 220.00
Follow up session approx. 1hr $110

To make a payment, below are my bank details:

Regional Australia bank
Account Name: Marion Brownlie
Account Number: 100459621
BSB 932000

Please contact me if you need assistance or more info.

Phone: 0478641363
Email: marion@marionbrownlie.com or use the form below to send a message.


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