Facing Demons

facing demons

Facing Demons was written with the intent to help, support and encourage each on their own life journey. It is an autobiography and has many unexpected twists and turns that drew the reader into the story.

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Despair, marriage breakup and rearing three young children, suicide of a partner and loss of her eyesight all became nearly insurmountable to Marion, except for one thing – she learnt how to heal herself. Through sheer strength, resilience and determination plus a life-changing experience, Marion overcame adversity. Healing herself, and learning about the power of the subconscious and self-empowerment she brought herself back from disaster. Along the way, using her experiences and new-found confidence, she healed many others to become a powerful intuitive healer. Facing Demons is Marion’s story – an unfolding journey from the depths of hell into a new and bright future. Take the journey with her…

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Facing Demons: An Unfolding Journey by Marion Brownlie is an insightful book in which the author shares the challenges she faced while embarking on her spiritual path. The author’s personal story helps readers understand the infinite source of power and also deals with spirit interference, both good, bad, alien, and evil, all the zones, and everything in between. The author’s sheer strength, resilience, and determination stand out through her journey and will help readers transcend to spiritual awareness. It’s a book about healing, redemption, self-discovery, and transformation. The tips and techniques shared by the author are useful and can be practiced to make positive changes in our lives.

The author’s words are honest and palpable, and readers will connect immediately with her problems and the solutions she offers to change our attitudes, perspectives, and living. The meditation she mentions in the book is easy to practice and can be tried out to exercise control over the mind. The book also reiterates the power of faith and sees it as the strongest link in the path of learning. The author also speaks about the positive energy of love and light, and how it can overpower negative energy and push it out of a person’s body and energy field. This book draws readers in and can be a useful tool to change one’s life both spiritually and physically. The author’s journey is wonderful and will motivate anyone to look into themselves and change positively by overcoming their adversities.

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Hi Marion,
Last weekend my boyfriend and I were at the Bangalow markets where he picked up your book and bought it for me.
I finished reading it in a couple of days as I was so intrigued following your life path so far.
You are an absolute inspiration to the utmost & I feel very grateful that my boyfriend spontaneously decided to stop & buy your book when I lost him.
What a life it has been for you – what a hero you are. I feel like i was just to hug you and congratulate you on your dedication, perseverance and your passion. An honour to know there are people with integrity & honesty like yourself out there.
I would be interested to have a session with you as I have often thought there may be ëntity interference in my field.
Where are you located?
Many Blessings


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  1. Caro

    Hi Marion,
    I would like to read your book but the Amazon store tellsme i can’t buy it. It may be blockedby zones or something? Would you be able to send it to my email address if i send you money via PayPal?
    Thanks much!

    1. Marion (Post author)

      Hi Caro, I am so very sorry to be so long in replying. Barnes and Noble stock Facing Demons. My we site used to have links to all the book stores where they could be purchased. I had trouble with the website and got someone to fix it and have just realised had not been put up properly again.
      Once again my apologies . The site should be fixed shortly with links to book stored restored.

  2. Michelle Land

    I loved Facing Demons! You have had such an interesting journey in life! I find some things, especially family and relationship issues, very relatable to my life. Your book has stirred something inside me, and I feel like I am ready to face my own demons now. Thank you so much Marion for sharing your experiences with us. I have no experience with healing, hypnotism, etc…, yet I still feel that I have found a kindred spirit in you. I would love to be able to meet you one day and give you a big hug! Thank you again Marion and God bless you for all you have been through and shared with the world.

    1. Marion (Post author)

      Thank you so very much Michelle.It is so very rewarding to know that Facing Demons touched you. Hugs and blessings to you also and may your spirit keep blossoming.


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