Star is Happy

Book 1 of  the Feelings of Star series
For young children 1-6 years

Star is Happy has been created for children to help them understand their feelings and emotions, and to learn that they can love and be loved.  Through its gentle messages and beautiful illustrations Star is Happy will give children warm sunny feelings.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite
5 stars for Star is Happy on Readers favorite

Readers favouriteStar is Happy by Marion Brownlie is an adorable book for children that conveys a beautiful message of finding joy in all the simple things in life that we see around us. Star is happy. There are so many nice things to see. Star laughs, swings, and plays all day long. Everything around Star is fascinating and brings a smile to Star’s face; be it when the bubbles burst, when the dog chases its tail, or even when the breeze dances and plays with the leaves. Star never hides laughter because laughter is fun and laughter is happiness. Star goes to bed happy and smiling, remembering all the good things people have said.

The story is delightful, bright, and lively and so are the illustrations. They give the story a good pace and movement and breathe life into all the scenes. It’s a good bedtime storybook and all parents and grandparents should read it out to their kids and grand kids to make them understand the joys that surround them and how to appreciate the small things in life. The book is also good for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries as it encourages happy and beautiful thoughts in children.
The innocence and beauty of childhood has been captured perfectly by the author and it will help bring peace, love, and happiness into the lives of every child. Books like this are perfect for children to teach them to appreciate and love the simple joys that they see around them every day.


reviewed Star Is Happy

Star is Happy is a Treasure

Star is a delightful character and you can see the eyes of a child shining with joy as they are reading; or listening to this story. Star makes you smile even as you hold it and look at Star on the cover. This book will easily be a favorite book for many children. I am excited to see them as happy as Star!


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