Social distancing has become drummed into us by the media and Government. The one big question I have is why is it called social distancing instead of physical distancing. Physical distancing simply means keep apart physically. What is the agenda behind social distancing? You might feel there is no difference between these two statements but the psychological effect each has is vastly different.

Social distancing implies;

  • You need to be anti-social.
  • Don’t socialise with anyone.
  • Don’t mix with the community.
  • Don’t touch anyone.
  • Don’t be close to anyone.
  • You are socially unacceptable.
  • Don’t hug.
  • Don’t have social conversations.
  • Others people’s presence is unacceptable.
  • You are isolated.

It is a form of brain washing when it is drummed into society. People thrive on communicating. It is difficult co have an intimate conversation when you are standing 2 meters away from someone. Older people with hearing problems are left out of conversations because they can’t hear.

Because the word social has been used many feel isolated because many of the activities people were involved in have been stripped away and people without close friends or close family have no where left to turn as to where to meet people or socially interact.

People thrive on social interaction. Take it away and you are isolated. Some do not do well when left with their own company. This leads to depression, anxiety and suicide.  People begin to feel worthless when not getting the social stimulation they are used to.

Many emotions are helped through touching. A touch on the arm shows empathy. A hug conveys love. It also says I’ve missed you. These things help to change the bodies vibration and lighten a load.

Laughter, singing, music help to release happy hormones into the body. These gatherings were all stopped.

Wearing of masks are the biggest block to communication. The face expresses emotion and reactions. Theses expression are read subconsciously by others. Facial expressions help people  to tell if you are lying, happy or sad,  they help towards understanding.

Sadly, young people growing up through this time could well have difficulty developing many of the social skills that have help our society to become a happy balanced sharing society.

Take all this away from people and you can understand why sickness, anxiety and suicide have become common place.