Humanity has become so very distracted by the many religious, different faiths, beliefs, fears and insecurities that the essence of what life is about has been lost. We are born alone and die alone. Nobody can do this for us just as nobody can live our life for us or make our life choices. It is entirely our responsibility to live our life to the best of our ability whilst honouring the fact that we are alive.
We are living in the physical body we need honour that fact. The whole scope of the cycle of life and death it is only a moment in time even though sometimes it can seem like forever when things are tough.

However it is often through these tough times when we lose someone we love that we learn much about ourselves and experience the greatest personal growth.  The following is a true life lesson told to me by John, a friend who died and was then sent back. I feel John’s story succinctly explains why we are here.

Johns Story.
I was driving to work on a sunny Monday morning when I decided to see if our family doctor was on duty at the local medical practice. The recurring sharp pain in my jaw was inconvenient, and if the doctor couldn’t help, I could then try the dentist.
Our doctor gave me a referral to a heart specialist with the explanation that “I have made a special appointment for you to see him this afternoon at 3.30 pm when his surgery normally closes.” After this consultation the heart specialist wanted me in the hospital for further tests.

I had arranged a few appointments and suggested I check in tonight. “Who are these people- are they important?” he asked. Of course they are important, I replied, they are clients and I still have a few hours work to do. He then asked me “is it worth your life?”  The words still resonate with me, and his face told me he wasn’t joking.

Half an hour later in the familiar San Hospital where two of my children were born, I had cancelled appointments and was reassuring people that it was only for a couple of tests, and I would be back soon.

The following morning my heart specialist did an angiogram and on his afternoon rounds gave me the result. “You have two arteries that are 95% blocked and two that are 70% blocked with a total of five blockages.”
“What’s the prognosis-how long have I got to go?” I naively asked.
“We’re not sure but we’re measuring in hours rather than days” he explained.
Hooked up to every conceivable monitor and with a drip, I contemplated sleep.
Early the next morning I died and drifted off into the blissful euphoria of the afterlife.

I clearly heard the angels asking me “John, what did you do with your life?”
I answered saying “I helped a lot of people and was involved in a lot of things in the community and ……….”
Curiously they looked at me and repeated the question. “Yes, but what did you do with YOUR life?”
I notice the emphasis on your and replied with “well I had adventures and raised a family and went sailing and………”
That still did not seem to appease them as I got the same question put to me again. “But what did YOU do with YOUR LIFE?”
Everyone and everything I had ever known faded away and I was there alone to realise that I was totally responsible for only me. Then I was carried around the whole of the southern hemisphere by hundreds of angels. To see this beautiful planet and to realise that I had so much support was overwhelmingly beautiful  and filled me with a feeling that no words can explain – even euphoria, bliss, love, are not enough.

It was decision time – to stay, or go?  I had a wife and family and unfinished work to do, so I came back filled with all the support and love the universe had shown me.

Two days later I had five heart bypasses which reduced this invincible 50 year old to a totally reliant lump of humanity struggling to do the simplest tasks. I would never be the same – I had been clearly told—“you don’t go that way anymore.” I could go to the right or left but there was now a brick wall across my path. That was my choice.

It took a while to turn this stubborn ego around, but now – more than 20 years on – I am grateful for this fantastic experience that changed my life. I now understood why we are here!