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Active Isolated Stretching is suitable for anyone of any age wishing to increase mobility and quality of life.

(AIS) is a technique that lengthens and strengthens muscle tissue. Our muscles have two major functions: to contract or relax. The idea of AIS is to hold a stretch for one to two seconds, relax, and then repeat the movement for 8 to ten times.

AIS is a manual technique that combines a series of short, controlled stretches with intervals of relaxation, which overrides your muscles tendency to contract when stretched tight.

Using a 2.0 second stretch has proven to be the key in avoiding reflexive contraction of the antagonistic muscle. Without activating muscle group contraction, restoration of full range of motion and flexibility can be successfully achieved.

The Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

• Neuromuscular re-education: AIS engages your muscles and brain in each movement and stretch. Each time you reach a new range of motion, you produce a new neural pathway.

• Increases flexibility: At some point, you tricked your body into believing that stretching was limited. That most likely happened after an injury or because that area was not as strong or flexible as it should be. The “reprogramming” that comes along with AIS helps get rid of any idea concerning your flexibility.

• Stress relief: The contraction of muscles is often caused by stress. This stress puts extra tension on your body, so it’s important to relieve the stress. Like other forms of exercise and massage, AIS triggers endorphins which helps improve your mood and state of mind.

• Pain relief: Active isolated stretching can bring pain relief to areas like your neck, shoulders, and back.

• Increased blood circulation: Stretching of any kind helps the circulatory system thus increases the amount of blood and oxygen your soft tissue and organs receive. If you’re suffering from water retention, swelling, or poor circulation, stretching techniques will help your condition improve.

Stretching Classes – Monday 10.30 am, Friday 10.30 am

Marion runs Active isolated stretching classes in Glen Innes only. Please contact Marion if you are interested for further information then download, read and sign the waiver and take it with you when attending any class.


Contact Marion on 0478 641 363 or through the contact form below.

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