Do you know someone who has uncontrollable mood swings, whose personality suddenly seems to change without warning?  Or maybe you’ve looked into your son’s, daughter’s or partner’s eyes and suddenly thought that you were looking into the eyes of a stranger?  Any closeness or love that was there seems to have vanished.   They begin doing things totally out of character after which they either experience a feeling of dreadful remorse, or have very little recollection of having done them.   Are some of these familiar to you?

I am Marion Brownlie, a Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have practised various forms of healing for a large part of my life.  My passion is working in any field that includes ghosts, lost souls, alien encounters, poltergeist, possession and entities of all description both good and evil.
Because of the fear these subjects raise in the individual they are rarely talked about openly it doesn’t mean that these things don’t exist.  In many cultures today all aspects of light and dark do exist, denying them doesn‘t mean they are not there.

In my experience when a person says someone/something is telling them what to do they are expressing the absolute truth, for them.  I know there are many influences outside of a lot of people’s comprehension of reality and they can, and do interfere with people on many levels.

I have come to believe that the universe contains a range of energies. At the positive or light end of the spectrum there is a ‘God,’ a power of good or energy of pure unconditional total love and light.   At the dark end there is the extreme negative energy commonly called the ‘Devil’   and there are many ‘grey areas’ in-between.
Ghosts, spirits and other energies exist in the world around us whether we have the ability to see them and acknowledge them, or not.

The less negative of these energies are often the spirits or souls of people who have died or passed over from this life, and have not yet entirely left their connection to the physical plane.  For varying reasons they stay bound to the earth and may continue to have contact with it.  They exist as energy and that is why some people can see them as spirits or ghosts.

Our physical bodies are a form of energy and they also radiate energy.  Sometimes one of the (dead) spirits can move in very close to us through this energy and use or share our bodies. When this occurs you get a different personality expressing itself through someone else’s body.  It can then become like two different people in the one body.

There are many and various reasons how these spirits or entities can get mixed up in our own bodies or space.  Some of these include;

•    Drugs and excessive alcohol deplete our natural protection or `aura’ energy around ourselves and change our energy so that we do not have the same conscious control of our bodies and minds.

•    Experimenting with the psychic field as in ouija boards, poorly run spiritual development groups or uncontrolled healing practices can have the same effect.

•    Sudden shock or anaesthetic can leave you open, as with drugs and alcohol you are not fully in control.

•    Compulsive disorders and addictions can make you more vulnerable to possession as spirits that had similar problems when alive may still want to practice these addictions and it is easier for them to do so in people similarly affected.

•    In instances of depression and loneliness the person may just want a friend so are open to a spirit offering company.   Where a person is in an abusive situation the entity may offer powers or help that the person is desperately seeking.

•    When a person is abused, mentally or physically they will often unwittingly allow an entity to draw close to them because it will offer them something the person perceives they need.  For example; power, revenge, strength or even just a friend that they can talk to.

Many of these interfering energies are not necessarily bad; they are just spirits who have become lost.  They are different from the good ones whom people call guides or angels, these energies come from the lighter shades of the spectrum, are there to help us, and do not become mixed up in our energy.  There are also the darker shades of energy that go right down to the darkest levels of controlling energies.  These energies can also become mixed up with our own and are there with the sole purpose of manipulating, controlling and destroying.

I’m not saying that all personality disorders are a result of this. However I have helped many people by putting them back in control of their lives. One such example is of a young man that I will call Gavin.  He was persuaded by his mother to see me.  He was getting in trouble with the law, associating with a gang, drinking far too much and had been in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

The following is a testimonial from Gavin’s mother.

History:  Three suicide attempts from the age of 16.  Outbursts of uncontrollable anger, self-induced from decisions he made that didn’t go as planned.  Depression, low self esteem.  He had spent a few weeks in a psychiatric hospital.  He left school – couldn’t study.  It all seemed to start when he broke up with his girlfriend, which led to drinking and smoking marijuana.  He had left home and wasn’t looking after himself.  All in all he was an unhappy boy and a mess, very unsociable and never making eye contact with us.  When my husband picked him up from Marion’s he asked if he could spend the night with us, as he wanted to be with people who cared about him.   I couldn’t believe it, he even made eye contact with me.

When the rest of the family had gone to bed he asked if he could talk to me, something he used to do but hadn’t done for two years.  He told me that he felt much clearer in his thinking and that two lost souls had been living within him, telling him to do things, and enjoying him being confused and miserable.  Marion had talked to them and sent them to wherever they should be.

This happened nine months ago.  My son now lives at home, talks to us, has a job, and on the whole is happy.  He still drives us crazy with cars and his behaviour – but it is normal with no violent moods, fits of depression and mood swings and he cares about himself.

It is extremely rewarding work as the results of it can be very profound. This energy work fully centres a person back in their body and puts them back in full control of it without interference. I help with the tools to keep ‘the body’ clear but it is ultimately the person’s responsibility to make sure they do. Just because they have been cleared doesn’t mean that they can’t invite some other energy or spirit back.  Everyone has free choice on how they want to live their life. Anybody can only help those who want to help themselves and if someone chooses to keep ‘attachment’ then there is little anyone can do to help. We have free choice.
© Marion Brownlie