A lesson from my Guides

Another lesson from my guides involved the way I had been using
love and light for protection. They said that by focusing on the need for protection we were coming from a basis of fear and wasting our energy. We should not be focusing on what we want to go away from but that which we want to go towards. My guides instructed me to use the Divine energy to help transform my energy or myself. They showed me how to imagine it coming in, to saturate my whole being with Source and then to let the love and light vibration radiate from within myself. By doing this I would develop a natural protective aura, I would not be limiting the extent to which my energy, or myself, could expand.

Simply by centreing ourselves within Source and by allowing it to radiate out from the centre of our being we would raise our vibration and consciousness, thus providing ourselves automatically with the protection we need. It is a process of into light.