We were your ‘everyday family’ with a Mother, Father and three young sons and Major, a big black dog with the longest slobbery pink tongue and soft brown eyes you could wish to find. He was defiantly one of the family.

Jim, being the eldest slept in the sleep out, positioned ten meters from the house and backed on to the ‘home orchard’. It was winter and the nights were getting long and cold.

Two am one dark winter morning my 13-year old son Jim’s agonised screams of terror shattered my sleep.

“Mum! Mum help me. They are after me and trying to kill me”.

Jim raced through the house into my bedroom, his face chalk white and our big black dog Major, close on his heels. Jim and Major threw themselves down on either side of me quivering with fear. I could sense the atmosphere in the house change, suddenly becoming cold and oppressive.

“It’s the b-b-bad spirits Mum, if you don’t do something they will kill us!”

A cold chill ran down my spine. What was I to do? I could feel them drawing nearer as the ominous feeling in the air around us drew closer and closer. You could smell foulness or death in the air.

Jim, while sleeping in his sleep out, had been waking for several nights now seeing evil looking Maori faces watching him, accompanied by a dreadful odour. He had a premonition that they meant him harm and this was supported by a dream of a cloud going round and round with big black numbers mixed up in it. Something that happened previously when something bad was going to happen to him. I had become quite concerned and had decided to spend a night in the spare bed in his sleep out with him to keep him safe.  He had gone straight to sleep feeling secure with me there. All that night the presence of negative energy had been terribly forbidding and I had been lying there putting out the thought of white light protecting us and endeavouring to fill the room with it.

I had become very disturbed and decided at that point that I could not go through another night like that. We decided that we had better get someone to take a look at things and talk to the Maori spirits causing the problem. It was obvious that I did not know enough in this area. I rang a Maori ‘Tohunga’ (healer or spirit man), Fred, and asked him to come and see if he could get an idea of what was happening.

Fred came out that evening and in the Maori speech making way spoke to the offending spirits. Fred was convinced that he had done the job and cleared the area and there would be no more trouble from them. Jim desperately wanted to be convinced that Fred had done a good job but told me that he had seen the spirit figures laughing at Fred. I felt very uncomfortable about things. Jim refused to let me sleep in his room that night; he wanted to believe that the problem had been corrected. I had cut a deal with him and said he could only sleep by himself if he kept Major with him for the night.

Now with my son quivering and shaking on the bed beside me, the hideous experience still torturing his mind, it was obvious Fred’s efforts had fuelled the problem, causing the offending spirits to wreak havoc and seek revenge.

“Come on Jim, you have got to help me send out thoughts of light”.

We both focused our minds.

“They are getting closer, it’s not stopping them.”

The negative energy became very intense and heavy, almost like an actual physical presence. Jim and I both knew in that instant that we were losing the fight. I gave up all hope. I was lying prostrate on the bed, beyond thought or hope.

I prayed, “God, what do I do next?”

From nowhere a voice instructed me to send out unconditional love with the light and embrace these entities with it.

“Jim help me, we have to give out unconditional love with the light. Then it will work. Focus your mind and heart on it. Let it fill you and your thoughts totally”.

The transformation was amazing. The whole house cleared immediately and filled with a vibration of peace and love. A sense of quiet calm descended upon us and Jim filled me in on what had happened.

“Mum they were back again, coming in through the walls. I felt like I was being strangled by a pair of hands and crushed to death. My breath was being forced out of me as if a huge clamp was being tightened around my chest. I couldn’t breathe or move or do anything.  It was terrible Mum I thought I was dying. It was then that I heard Major barking, as if from a great distance. He was going berserk. I had to see what was the matter with him. I think that was the only reason that I managed to struggle my way out of it. I had to make sure Major was all right.”

Whatever it was, it was gone for the time being. The experience had been as clear for us both as everyday life. We fell into an exhausted sleep.

Next morning I contacted Fred and told him what had happened. He wanted to have another try at clearing the house that evening. I said “that’s fine” but I was not confident about him being able to help us and felt I could not risk another night like the last as it could cost Jim his life. Desperate for help I rang around to find someone who may be able to help us and was told of another Maori chap, John, he was aware of the ways of a Tohunga but was also a practising Christian.

John lived on an isolated island just off the coast that, at the time, had only one working telephone. I rang hoping that whoever was there could help me get in contact with him. Perhaps as a sign of providence, John was right there when I rang. I told him what was happening and he said he would come over that evening as soon as the tide was right to let him cross safely. I prayed that he would be able to help us.

That evening Fred came and tried to clear the house again. Again Jim was able to see the spirit forms and said they just laughed at Fred and kept out of his reach. Fred left. Soon after John arrived and began doing what he felt was needed in this situation. When he had finished he told my sons and I what he had done. He said there had been a Maori war there at some time that had resulted in a considerable build up of negative energy or spirits that had never left. He had cleansed the whole area, the house and us in the name and blood of Lord Jesus. This sent the spirits away.

John confirmed my worst fears when he said we were lucky our dog had woken Jim last night as he could have died. John had known of deaths caused by similar events in the past.

From then on it was a much more peaceful place to live. We were not troubled by any more experiences with the spirits. I am sure that what John did saved my son from being killed. Our explanation of what happened does not fit in with today’s scientific understanding of life. However for my son and I and the others involved it was very real.

The epilogue to this is that it changed my understanding of how things work. At the time John looked at me and said, “You know you could have done the cleansing yourself. You have the skills, why are you holding back instead of living fully in your belief and using your knowledge?”

Initially I was dumbfounded when he said this, but then I understood what he was saying. He knew what I had only just come to realise. I knew the power of God,  it was what had saved our lives. Yes, John was right, I could do the work that he had done and I wanted to. Since then I have worked with people whose lives have been affected by negative energy and spirits. Putting people back in control of their lives. This has been very rewarding and fulfilling.