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Excerpt From my book Facing Demons
My ankle, which had been fractured, reacted to the stress I
suffered at this time and chronic arthritis set in. I had to be very
careful how I got up in the morning as I could easily buckle and
collapse with the pain. Once again I was off to see a doctor. He
recommended a CAT scan to see what was going on. The results
confirmed what I had always known, my foot had not been set back
in the correct position. They also showed a bone that had never been
put back in the right place when it was broken. The doctor said it
must have just floated around until it had settled where it was. The
scan also showed very advanced deterioration through arthritis.
Strong anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed and they would
stiffen the joint so that it would be unmovable. This would need to
be done in about a year’s time as they thought that by then the pain
would be unbearable and drugs would not be able to control it. It
was shattering news to me.
I hated the idea of taking any medical pill, especially anti-inflammatory
pills because they have an extremely destructive effect on
the digestive system and liver. I had a sneaking suspicion that what
was happening with my ankle was similar to what had happened
with my wrists when they had become inflamed. It was my body
manifesting my thought processes and emotions. It was letting me
know that something was not right.
I bought myself a plaque to hang on the wall to use as a daily
reminder to myself that I wasn’t alone.

Lord help me to remember
that nothing is going to
happen to me today that
You and I together can’t handle

I tipped the pills down the toilet and prayed to God for healing. I
also took a realistic look at how I was managing my personal problems.
I had usually turned to my mother to discuss my problems
with. However, now I was no longer able to do this as I could not
afford the telephone bill. I came to the conclusion that I had put
myself in this situation and it was time for me to rely on my own
judgment. For the first time in my life I took total responsibility for
what I was doing and thinking. My ankle began to improve remarkably.
Within a few months I could walk on it with minimal pain.
(End of excerpt)

It is now approximately twenty years since this happened. I just came 3rd in a very steep hilly 5km fun run in the women 55+ years. Positive proof of self healing. Consequently I also created the problem in the first place. Namaste.