Controlling Influences -from Facing Demons

My spiritual rescue work increased with people needing help just
seeming to arrive at my clinic. There were to be some very interesting
developments and discoveries during this time that have influenced my
thinking. I ask you to consider the following concepts.
Do you know someone who has uncontrollable mood swings,
whose personality suddenly seems to change without warning? Or
maybe you’ve looked into your son’s, daughter’s or partner’s eyes
and suddenly thought that you were looking into the eyes of a stranger?
Any closeness or love that was there seems to have vanished.
They begin doing things totally out of character after which they
either experience a feeling of dreadful remorse, or have very little
recollection of having done them. Are some of these familiar to you?
In my experience when a person says someone is controlling
them they may be expressing what is the absolute truth for them. I
know there are many influences outside of many people’s comprehension
of reality and spirits or lost souls can, and do interfere with
people on many levels.
I have come to believe that the universe contains a range of energies.
At the positive or light end of the spectrum there is ‘God’ or
Source, a power of good, an energy of pure unconditional total
love and light. At the dark end there is the extreme negative energy
commonly called the devil or pure evil.
In between the positive and negative energies are less extreme,
Marion Brownlie | Facing Demons
found in what we will call the grey zones. Ghosts or spirits are there
and these energies exist in the world around us whether we have
the ability to see them or not. These are the ones often overlooked
by the traditional churches and far more innocent than the satanic
ones that are on the dark end of the scale.
The less negative of these energies are the spirits or souls of people
who have died or passed over from this life and have not yet gone to
the spiritual planes, or Heaven, as it is more commonly known. For
varying reasons they stay bound to the earth and may continue to
have contact with it. Their bodies exist as energy and that is why
some people can see them as spirits or ghosts.
There are many reasons why people may stay earthbound after
death. Much of this insight has come to me from clients through my
hypnotherapy sessions when they have been in a trance and allowed
the other ‘spirit’ sharing their body (aura or energy) to communicate
with me.
When you die you are controlled solely by how you think or your
thought processes. If you believe that when you die you cease to
exist, then you may place yourself in darkness and stay earthbound.
Because of substance abuse, drugs, alcohol or other addictions
such as nymphomania, greed, eating disorders, or criminally
repetitive behaviour patterns a person may stay bound to the earth
because they still wish to manifest their addiction. Just because you
die the habit or behavior does not disappear.
Sudden death or suicide can also result in this happening simply
because the process of death has been so rapid or unexpected
the person may not realise they have died. It is similar with mass
death as in war, earthquakes, natural disasters, bus, train and plane
crashes. With so many passing or dying at once they may not realise
they have passed over because all the other people who were with
them when they were alive are still there with them after death.
You can also be physically bound by a loved one or bind yourself
to them through one or the other refusing to let go, or it can just
happen through the fear of leaving an area or place that a person has
become greatly attached to.
People who have had ‘near death’ experiences often relate beautiful
sights. They may experience something wonderful, like friends
in ‘the light’ talking to them and giving them some knowledge and
help. Often when they have been revived these people relay extraordinary
stories not realising they had died until they have been
revived and told.
Our physical bodies are a form of energy and they also radiate
energy. The energy surrounding our bodies is called an aura.
Sometimes one of the (dead) spirits can move in very close to us
through this energy and use or share our bodies. When this occurs
a different personality expresses itself through someone else’s
body. It then becomes two different people in the one body.
There are many and various reasons how these spirits or entities
can get mixed up in our own bodies or space. These include the
ɶɶ Drugs and excessive alcohol deplete our natural protection or
‘aura’ energy around ourselves and change our energy so that
we do not have the same conscious or unconscious control of
our bodies and minds.
ɶɶ Experimenting with the psychic field as in Ouija boards, poorly
run spiritual development groups or uncontrolled healing practices
can have the same effect by leaving you ‘open’.
ɶɶ Sudden shock or anesthetic can leave you open, as with drugs
and alcohol you are not fully in control.
ɶɶ Compulsive disorders and addictions can make you more
vulnerable to possession as spirits that had similar problems
when alive may still want to practice these addictions and it is
easier for them to do so in people similarly affected.
Marion Brownlie | Facing Demons
ɶɶ In instances of depression and loneliness the person may just
want a friend so is open to a spirit offering company.
ɶɶ Where a person is in an abusive situation that the entity may
offer power or help the person is desperately seeking.
ɶɶ When a person is abused, mentally or physically, they will often
unwittingly allow an entity to draw close to them because it
will offer them something the person perceives they need. For
example, power, revenge, strength or even just a friend they can
talk to.
To help the affected people and the lost soul or spirit, I contact the
misplaced spirits through the person and then help them to understand
what has happened to them. I Guide them to where they are
meant to be on the other side, thus leaving the one spirit, or soul,
within the physical body. Spiritualists call this ‘rescue work’.
These less extreme energies are not necessarily bad, they are
just spirits who have become lost. They are different from the good
ones whom people call Guides or angels, these energies come from
the lighter shades of the spectrum, are there to help us, and do not
become mixed up in our energy. There are also the darker shades
of energy that go right down to the darkest levels of controlling
energies. These energies can also become mixed up with our own
and are there with the sole purpose of possessing, manipulating,
controlling and destroying.
It is often very negative entities that are present in people who
commit acts of sexual depravity, violence or abuse. These people
often have little recall of what really happened or the crimes they have
committed after the event, or claim that they haven’t done something
others have seen them do. They really do believe they haven’t done
it, and as far as they can recall they haven’t. This can be because their
body has been taken over and used by one of these negative energies.
The person or soul that ‘owns’ the body is hardly ‘there’.
I have found these types of energies can be removed through the
power of ‘God’, using the positive energy of love and light to overpower
the negative energy and force them to leave the person’s body
and energy field. The churches call this ‘deliverance’. I have since
learnt that combining this energy with persuasive communication
can also have very positive results.
I’m not saying that all personality disorders are a result of this.
However, I have worked with many people for whom ‘deliverance’
has helped, by putting them back in control of their lives and bodies.
While the following symptoms can appear for many reasons,
they can also be symptoms of possession. Clients have described
having one or several of the following:
A lot of chatter in the head
The feeling of being oppressed
A lot of internal friction
Rapid and pronounced mood swings
Uncontrolled anger
Behaving out of character
Changes in the eyes
Other people saying you have done things a lot worse than you
believe you have
The feeling that something or someone is controlling you
Changes in the way you dress
Suicidal tendencies
The feeling of fear when the subject of possession is being discussed
Disturbed restless sleep or nightmares
Bad language
Sexual deviation
The feeling that everything is black
Marion Brownlie | Facing Demons
One such example is of a young man I will call Gavin. He was
persuaded by his mother to see me. He was getting in trouble with
the law, associating with a gang, drinking far too much and had
been in and out of psychiatric hospitals.
The following is a testimonial from Gavin’s mother:
History: Three suicide attempts from the age of sixteen. Outbursts
of uncontrollable anger, self-induced from decisions he made that
didn’t go as planned, depression and low self-esteem. He had spent
a few weeks in a psychiatric hospital. He left school – couldn’t study.
It all seemed to start when he broke up with his girlfriend, which led
to drinking and smoking marijuana. He had left home and wasn’t
looking after himself. All in all he was an unhappy boy and a mess,
very unsociable and never making eye contact with us. When my
husband picked him up from Marion’s he asked if he could spend the
night with us, as he wanted to be with people who cared about him. I
couldn’t believe it; he even made eye contact with me.
When the rest of the family had gone to bed he asked if he could
talk to me, something he used to do but hadn’t done for two years.
He told me that he felt much clearer in his thinking and that two lost
souls had been living within him, telling him to do things, and enjoying
him being confused and miserable. Marion had talked to them
and sent them to wherever they should be.
This happened nine months ago. My son now lives at home, talks
to us, has a job, and on the whole is happy. He still drives us crazy
with cars and his behaviour – but it is normal with no violent moods,
fits of depression and mood swings and he cares about himself.
If rescue work is attempted when deliverance or exorcism is required
then the negative spirit or influence will not leave. However, if an
exorcism is carried out on a person who just needs a simple rescue,
then it can have quite adverse effects, usually ending up with both
the person and possessing spirit becoming distressed. When an evil
spirit possesses a person the only way to help the person is by working
through the power of God or Source, by coming from the heart in
a vibration of total unconditional love and light. Sometimes through
working in this way, and communicating with the entity even the
most negative forces can be reached and will agree to go to ‘The Light’.
In Gavin’s case the possessing spirit was only a lost soul sharing
his body. Often, before they find a body to share they have been
wandering the earth plane, lost and afraid, not able to understand
what has happened to them. Attempting deliverance just makes
them more confused. It is far better to talk to them, help them to
understand what has happened, to open their own eyes and to go to
a place where they can feel happy and safe (into The Light), of their
own free choosing.
Deliverance work can be extremely dangerous. The person
performing the deliverance must have one hundred per cent faith
in the infinite power of love or God or any Godly being or energy.
There are many different names for the same energy force or
power of good. A moment’s doubt on the therapist’s part can leave
them exposed to the same energy that they are delivering the
possessed person from.
My first experience of having to deal with this type of entity
caught me totally unawares.
This is Sally’s testimonial written after seeing me:
After meditating on a Friday afternoon I felt a strange ‘ force’ take
over my body. I felt like I wanted to speak but at the same time felt
that I was being strangled. This was accompanied by a great sense
of fear. I did not want to sleep as then the fear turned to terror.
This continued over the weekend. I had made an appointment to
see Marion on Monday to do a past life regression. On Monday I
Marion Brownlie | Facing Demons
wanted to ring Marion to cancel but resisted the compelling urge
not to go. Driving to her place I developed a cough and hoarseness
in my throat that worsened as I got closer to her place.
I was really scared as Marion began to put me into a trance and
my heart was thumping. Suddenly I felt myself turning into an
animal, my fingers were claws and I wanted to attack her. Then I
felt like I was being strangled and fighting something that was killing
me by sucking the very air that was mine. I felt like something
really sharp and heavy was thrown at me, hitting me in the chest
and clearing my airway. A sense of peace and release took over my
body and I relaxed. When I came out of the trance I was exhausted
but for the first time in three days felt at peace and no longer afraid.
When having a shower the next day I noticed a bruise on my chest.
One week later I saw Marion and asked her if she had any idea as
to how it had come to be there. She told me that at the height of the
struggle to rid me of the ‘thing’ she had placed a cross on my chest
– the exact same place as the bruising. Strange, but true.
Sally 20/4/199-
Sally had a hard time getting to my place for help because these evil
forces can sense when they are under threat and will do anything to
keep the person from seeking help. Once they have control they like
to keep it. Sally was in trouble because she did not tune into a higher
vibration or the Source before doing her meditation. A prayer or focusing
on positive thoughts of light and love raises your vibration and
tunes you and your thoughts into higher energy.