For years women have thought of everyone but themselves. They care for their husbands and children giving very little to themselves thus in the process dishonouring themselves. The biggest regret of people near to death is that they never honoured themselves hence their life. It does not mean that you are egotistical or selfish if you love and honour yourself living your life in and honest loving self-supportive way.

To be able to love yourself you need to learn to centre yourself in your heart. Quite time or meditation is one of the most direct ways of becoming tuning into your heart intelligence. This can be as simple as doing controlled breathing to help to quieten the brain and calm the mind. When in a peaceful space focus Source in your heart and gently pay attention. Your heart intelligence provides you with intuitive awareness that expands beyond our limited linear, logical brain thinking.

Listen to your heart in all things and learn to be guide by it. Listening to your heart allows you to become flexible and expand your creativity and comprehension. It allows you to make decisions with right intent.  If you rest your decisions in your heart and they sit well there then they are made with good intentions. Give up the old way of making decisions for others or deciding how they should think. As soon as you go back to these old habits you are moving back into the head space. When you sense you in the head space sit for a few moments and focus infinite love and light into your heart area this will bring you back to a more peaceful state, you can then go on from there.

Loving yourself is knowing and honouring your connectedness to Source and that spark of Source within yourself. You cannot help but to love this spark of the Devine within yourself.  It is within everyone and everything including every atom. If you are having trouble with loving thoughts for yourself think of a poor helpless little baby or animal or some other thing that conjures up loving compassionate feeling and thought from you. Take this feeling and place it in your heart. Feel the difference it makes and allow it to sit gently there. It is about treating yourself with love and compassion as well as forgiving yourself as you forgive others. If you learn to have self-love then you will find it much easier to love others and to accept love from them in return. It also means you are not dependant on others for love as you can fully nurture yourself and love yourself.

Many people find this loving and honouring yourself of the hardest aspects of personal growth to achieve.

What does honouring yourself mean?  Honouring yourself means that you respect for your life and follow your own path, taking full responsibility for all aspects of yourself, how you think, feel, respond, behave, and react. This includes the personal values and principles you hold to and your emotional balance.

So often in life we compromise ourselves by not honouring our own soul path. We choose our path before we are born.  We come into life on our own and we end life on our own. No other person can live your life for you. You owe it to yourself to live this life to the best of your ability without ‘selling your soul’ to please others and keep them happy.  You can choose to share your life with others but to achieve lasting happiness you can’t live your life for someone else. No other person can give you what you do not have within yourself.  Honouring yourself means you do not compromise on your principles or do things you do not agree with just to be liked. Look at the intent behind your actions. If you have the best intent in mind and act from this knowledge then you are honouring yourself and through this everyone around you, even if they do not choose to recognise it.

If you are seeking love, first you need to be able to love yourself then you can truly recognise love and love another in a way that is not needy. When you are constantly seeking love outside of yourself it is because you have not developed a self-love. Self-love does not mean you think you are the best looking hottest thing around. It means that you are happy with how yourself as a person and accept the way you are.  No one person if perfect but you can strive to be the best person you know you can be in a gentle self-supporting way. When you do this you can easily make those changes you wish to make from a basis that fully supports your own on going well being.

Keeping your body well and healthy is a part of self-love. It is about honouring and respecting your body. It is the only one you are going to have and you are responsible for looking after it. For example: If you are overweight, and hate the fact, then you could find it difficult to shed weight. If you lovingly accept your body despite being overweight and give it the correct support it needs to make change you will find that this happens more easily. Loving your body allows you to heal emotionally around old thoughts patterns, stresses and trauma that might have led to your being overweight. Loving and honouring yourself means you take the responsibility for ‘who’ you are. If you don’t like it change it but doing so from a position of self-love instead of from a negative thought pattern can allow for change to happen in a comfortable self-supporting way.

Meditation is an important tool for staying in touch with yourself. It can be as simple as taking a few moments to centre yourself within your body. Breathing through the nose, drew Source down into your body, allowing this Devine vibration to travel through all the organs of your body and then down into the earth.  Draw the breath back up from the earth, breathing through the nose, through all your body and send it back up to Source. Stop the breath at the heart or any other organ that needs extra attention and let the pure love and light explode there totally magnifying it and spreading forth from it. Learn to play with this energy and practise loving and honouring yourself one day at a time. Remember, where your focus goes your energy flow.

www.marionbrownlie.  Author of Facing Demons, and children’s books, Spirit of self, Spirit of water, Star is happy and Star is Hungry. Renowned is an intuitive Healer/psychic and energy therapist and sprit removal specialist. Master practitioner of  (NLP), Hypnotherapist, Time Line therapist and a Life/Soul coach.

© Marion Brownlie