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“Please take my hand and journey through my life with me.”

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“This is a very honest, open and brave account of a truly remarkable woman’s experiences both in this physical realm, and in the spiritual plane.  In sharing her knowledge and discoveries with us, we can feel empowered to look at our world differently and more clearly.  Thank you for revealing your innermost thoughts with such pure altruistic intentions in order that we can help and empower ourselves.”
Take care and thank you
Rita S.H. Vinten, M.D., C.C.F.P., F.R.A.C.G.P.


‘In Facing Demons’ we witness Marion’s courage and determination as she faced the many challenges of embarking on a spiritual journey. Honest, raw and often confronting, Marion’s story is sure to inspire and offer hope to many others who are seeking to be authentic in their lives.  A powerful story. Therese Duckett,
Psychologist, MAPS

“This book was life changing!  Once I started reading it in a coffee shop in Lismore I could not put it down.  It is one of the best explanations of the ‘psychic world’ that I have ever read and provided clarity on the many “strange and mysterious” experiences that have happened to me throughout my life.   A highly recommended read for everyone, as we navigate the capricious waters of this new millennium.”
Anne Barry Dip Hom (British Institute of Homeopathy) Homeopath and Healer

‘I found “Facing Demons” full of amazing and inspiring revelations which essentially followed Marion’s being true to her intuitive self within belief in the highest good.
It is an incredibly honest account of her life with her physical, emotional and spiritual interconnections and influences encouraging the reader to identify with her struggles and solutions and admit to the power we all know we have.
I know my own awareness shifted while reading this book, leaving me feeling uplifted and empowered to follow my truth.’
– Elizabeth Dowling, B.A.(Visual Arts), MMH (Art Therapy) AThR

This book, based on the life experiences of Marion Brownlie reveals her journey from tragedy to triumph.  Taking her from the brink of endurance to the depth of her internal spiritual well of resourcefulness and strength.  Detailing human misery and the wave of hope and resilience to turn despair into destiny.  It provides compelling and inspiring reading for all who encounter life’s adversities.
By L Smith
Registered psychologist
“Marion Brownlie’s Facing Demons is an extraordinary true tale of one woman’s spiritual journey and the many challenges she confronted along the way.  The story is set in New Zealand and Australia with a culture that is foreign to me, yet the challenges she faced are universal.  Readers are sure to find a common demon or two and will gain an understanding of at least one sure way to defeat the negativity. In the end, what is gained from reading Facing Demons is sense of hope, purpose and gratitude.”
Robert Sharpe. Founder of BITEradio.me. Host of Mystical Cruise Show
Dear dear Marion thank you!!
I have just finished reading Marion’s story – and I was tingling when I was reading parts of it.
So resilient, loving, giving, an amazing woman! ….shall I go on???  She has been a woolly vagabond this lifetime!!  Giving out love and support to so many people. Marion’s life story had me fascinated.  There is so much to learn here.
Lois Kelly

Review by ALLEN ENGST True Blue Spirit Magazine volume 5 Issue 5 June July 2013
Facing Demons By Marion Brownlie

Facing Demons is a story of the life of Marion Brownlie. A life filled with sorrow and basic instincts of survival. It is like being knocked down and dragged away to die.

Through bad marriages and trying to commit suicide she survived and faced her demons.
Little did Marion know that all her problems led back to previous lives, she was repeating history.
A wonderful story of how a mother and her three Sons overcame adversity through spirituality and the will to never give up. This book is very well written and very worthwhile reading.



5 star review of Facing Demons by M. E. Butter on Amazon
This well-written book starts when the author is on the brink of suicide. Almost giving in to despair, she experiences a wonderful white light and boundless love and energy in her heart, which she refers to as I AM. It is a pivotal point, where she starts to realign her deteriorated life. The book reads like an adventure roman, because each time she soars in flight, she plunges down again. Hard. Early in her journey she discovers and starts to use her extraordinary healing powers, at the same time raising her three sons as a single mom. She has many healing as well as self-healing experiences, that really work out well. Yet, each time a new disaster happens, screwing up her life, her health, her relationship. By facing whatever challenge on her path, she discovers that each and every calamity enables her to heal another level of deeply ingrained self-destructive patterns. These patterns are all too familiar for many of us. Grappling with them and step by step overcoming them results in true wisdom. I’m sure that many readers will find new courage and better coping strategies, helping to face their own demons by reading this story.


Five star review at Barnes and Noble.

Facing Demons took me on my own inner journey and helped me immensely
Facing Demons took me on my own inner journey and helped me immensely by helping me to understand I have the strength to chance those things that were not working in my life. It is practical, down to earth and informative besides being one of the best reads I’ve read in a long time. Marion shares a truly inspired and unique Journey.

5 star review of Facing Demons by Lynda McLean on Amazon

Wow, an incredible read, I just couldn’t put it down. An amazing story about a woman that not only survived a life filled with experiences that left her with feelings of rejection, sadness, anger, shame, self hate & disgust and such a sense of worthlessness that she was on the brink of committing suicide, but through her willingness to accept herself, the “good and the bad”, to work on herself and to give of herself she grew into a strong & wise woman that fills me with hope. It made me look at myself and the way I perceive my life and the part I play in it, giving me a greater understanding of not only myself but of others also…loving life! Absloutely inspirational! I thought I might add that as I was reading Facing Demons I actually found myself imagining it on the big screen…maybe that’s just me…maybe 🙂

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© Marion Brownlie 2013

Responses to Facing Demons reviews

Donna Mulvennasays:Hello Marion, Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing the experiences in it. It is a ‘not-to-be-put-down page turner’.

You know when you paddled down the ‘Wilson rapids’ and I said that you were incredibly brave? Well that bravery is nothing compared to the courage it must have taken to share your life experiences in ‘Facing Demons’. We all have a Pandora’s box but I for one would never be brave enough to share the contents, especially with strangers or even worse with loved ones.
I was saving the book to read over Easter, a holiday treat, but yesterday I thought I’d just have a quick peak. I read the book from front to back in a day. I couldn’t put it down.
I’ve never had any spiritual ‘experiences’ in my life. Most of the experiences you shared are far beyond my realm of understanding and experience but they just feel right. It all made sense. I found the book very confronting and frightening – although I don’t know if that’s the right word. Until I read the book I had convinced myself that I was ‘getting away with something’, living in denial about an addiction. Now I’m concerned that meeting you and reading the book was no coincidence and that finally I’ve been led to someone who can help me (and who I can trust because of her own life experience). Before reading the book I hadn’t recognised I wanted help. I was happy to continue to ‘get away with my addiction’ scott-free. Your book is very confronting because it reinforces what I know to be true in my heart, but choose to ignore. There is no ‘scott-free’ is there? The book has made me take responsiblity for my actions and I feel so much stronger and ready to meet the challenge.
I’m going to quickly send this before I completely change my mind. Thank you so much Marion. (I think).

  • adminsays:Hi Donna-Thank you for taking the time to give your wonderful feedback. With your fear’ you need to feel the fear and do it away Donna. Nothing is as ever as bad as your brain perceives it to be. Your head is ruling your heart. Let the heart lead and you will know what to do. Love you girl. Look after yourself and listen to the intent of your heart.
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  • debbiesays:Facing Demons was fantastic and answered all the questions I had been pondering on for the last few months – no wonder I was drawn to the book and once I started reading I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. Marion I have so much gratitude for the courage you showed in sharing your amazing life story and so much appreciation for the amazing things I learned.Debbie
    • adminsays:Thank you Debbie for your generous sharing. I am so pleased you found Facing Demons was a help to you. For you to see beauty in me there is beauty within yourself. Shine your light and go forward with courage. Namaste
  • Marion you are a beautiful and inspiring being!
  • April 19, 2013 at
  • Dawn Alice says:Marion, had tingles reading a snippet from your book. If time permitted, I would have stayed longer on this refreshing blog, but for now,I have commitments.
    Blessings to you for sharing your story with others
    Dawn Alice

    • adminsays:Thank you for your heart felt comment Dawn and may love and light dance around you.
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  • Charlotte Cooper says:I knew that the man who causes havoc with my crystal ball was an evil person. The crystal ball was just a confirmation.
  • I like your website.
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  • Paulsays:And, Marion is a hot paddler too! Loved the website Marion.
    Kind regards,

  • Paul
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  • Avrilsays:Hi Marion
    Love the new look website. Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. You are one of the best. Your Grace and Light are an inspiration to me.
    Love and light

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  • Carole Morrissays:Hi Marian
    Love your new website it looks fabulous, especially like the blue colours.
    Enjoyed reading your book very much, couldn’t put it down. Would recommend to others to read it.

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  • Robert Sharpe says:Congratulations on your new site! I like it – very simple, truthful and good choice of for mat and color selection! Thank you for listing my review of “Facing Demons” – I stand by every word.
    • adminsays:Thanks Robert you have some great guests on your show would love to be able to tune in more often. Keep on with the good work.
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  • Edna N Ramirez says:Nice color choice on the blog. It is really easy on my eyes and I have bad eyes too so that’s a really big compliment lol
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Randy Lacey via Marion Brownlie

MARION, is a friend of mine and she writes from the heart and soul, her books are a must read, you won’t be able to put them down. They will give you strength and power above all true wonderful feelings will come to your heart and soul.