Our priority was to find a place for long-term rental and I also had to endeavour to build a clientele in a hurry. We had very little money to get by on and three teenage boys and a dog are not cheap to keep. Harry would not be sending us any help. He had complained loudly over the little money I did take.

Rental housing, especially one allowing me to operate a clinic and have a dog was very difficult to find. Four weeks passed and we still had nowhere to go when a lady, Sue, came for an appointment for a past life regression. She said she had contacts with a rental agency so would put some pressure on them for me. A house came up where the tenants were to be evicted, but we could not move in until a week after we had to be out of our other home. Another client, Jill, came to our rescue and said that we were welcome to stay with her until we could move in. This was truly generous of her considering she did not really know us, coupled with the fact that there were four of us, and Major of course.

The new place was ideal and suited us nicely. It had a separate entrance for the clinic and I managed to pick up second hand furniture to go with our personal stuff so it soon felt like home. Thankfully the beach was within walking distance and Major demanded a walk every day. This helped us settle in quickly and get used to living in town. I did my best to make this a home for us all.

We had been in our new home for a short time when something began happening that took me a while to understand. Jim and I started having frequent arguments and his attitude towards me deteriorated. One day I had the sudden realisation he was attempting to move into the role of ‘master of the house’. I’m sure it happened completely subconsciously. He began treating me in almost the exact same way he had seen his father treat me. It shocked me just how like his father he was becoming. It showed how easily children could take on parents’ behaviours and attitudes.

There was a lot of growing for us all to do. It was not easy for him to let go of the behaviour he learnt from years of observing how the master of our house behaved, and to realise that he did not need to take that role. Once I had pointed out what he was doing, to his credit he made the necessary changes in himself and his behaviour improved as a result.

My initial clientele had to be re-educated about massage – most of them were men and assumed the ‘extras’ that are commonly associated with massage parlours would be available. This was not the type of massage I was offering; I saw massage as an excellent medium for learning to channel healing energy. This was what I really wanted to do, develop healing abilities. My clients must have appreciated what I was doing for them as most of them came back on a regular basis. My healing ability was developing and I was receiving excellent feedback from my clients. More people began coming for reflexology as well and my female clientele built up. I loved the work and felt that I was doing something of real benefit for people. All my energy went into my healing work and the children, who were extremely supportive.

While things were going well for me in my work, I was becoming concerned about Jim. He was of an age when he and his friends were drinking a lot of alcohol. I was sure the alcohol was leaving him vulnerable to the influence of other spirits just as had happened previously with the rebirthing experience. It showed in his eyes, it was not him looking at you. He had marked changes in his personality and often became very angry over nothing. The longer the spirit was left with him the worse he would become. Grant and Jess recognised what was happening as they talked with me about it. I spent many hours freeing him from these spirits or lost souls and sending them on their way through what is known as a ‘spirit rescue’.

Because of Jim’s sensitivity and natural intuitiveness he could easily communicate with the world of spirit. The alcohol would affect his normal state of being, allowing spirits to move in with his own energy. Thus he and the other spirit manifest through the one body.

Alcohol affects everyone in some way or another, but I’m sure that it was Jim’s sensitivity that allowed him to be particularly open to this type of possession each time he touched alcohol. I knew of no one who worked in this area, so I learnt through trial and error to perfect it. Jim hated this happening to him, he just wanted to be ‘normal’ like his friends. He would curse and swear at me, blaming me for what was happening to him. It was not until he took responsibility for what was happening and stopped drinking alcohol that the possession stopped.

I was very proud of him but the decision cost him dearly as his friends did not feel comfortable having him around as a non-drinker and so started leaving him out of their activities. It also took Jim a long time to learn that he could still relax and enjoy company without the influence of alcohol. As a result of seeing what had happened to Jim, Grant and Jess also vowed never to touch alcohol.

Jim left school and found a job on a salmon farm. It was a long away from home up an icy, muddy, winding, gravel road with a steep drop of hundreds of meters to the sea. We had become a very close  family with all we had been through together and found this separation hard, even though Jim still came home at the weekend. I spent many hours worrying about him driving over those roads as he was young and speed crazy. Someone was watching over him though, as despite quite a few near misses he always got there and back safely.

The next experience I had of rescue work was with Wade, a forty year old man, whom I travelled with one weekend to go to a seminar. It was while we were chatting in the car that I suspected something was wrong with him and that his problem sounded very similar to what Jim’s had been. He was getting uncontrollable spurts of anger that were foreign to his nature. He would switch from being nice one minute to a rage and then back again without realising what he was doing. Often he hit his wife during these times of rage and felt dreadful remorse afterwards. He told me when he was about thirty he had smoked marijuana frequently. When I explained what I thought had happened, he thought about it and said that would explain a lot. He could recall the exact time the other spirit had moved in with him and even told me the spirit’s name. He knew it was interfering with his personality and was the cause of the frustration that boiled up inside him.

I sent the lost spirit to the light the same way that I had learnt to do with Jim. Wade was amazed at the instant change in himself. He described a feeling of lightness about his person, clarity in his head and the lack of friction in his body. His wife confirmed he no longer beat her or hit out in anger. She now found him a pleasant person to be around and said that she had been going to leave him, but now was prepared to give their marriage another go.

It was very satisfying to be able to help people and see such big changes happen so quickly in their behaviour and lives. Wade later presented me with a lovely poster with the words: Faith is the strongest link in the path of learning. The stress of setting up a home and building a business took its toll.

The boys went through their own crisis adapting to a new school and area. Major was always there helping in his own special way when anyone became too down. He was told many a problem as tears were shed on his shoulder. He seemed to know who was going through the toughest times and would invariably end up on that person’s bed offering his special kind of comfort. He filled a big gap in our lives as we had always had a lot of pets and animals around us.

My ankle, which had been fractured, reacted to the stress I suffered at this time and chronic arthritis set in. I had to be very careful how I got up in the morning as I could easily buckle and collapse with the pain. Once again I was off to see a doctor. He recommended a CAT scan to see what was going on. The results confirmed what I had always known, my foot had not been set back in the correct position. They also showed a bone that had never been put back in the right place when it was broken. The doctor said it must have just floated around until it had settled where it was. The scan also showed very advanced deterioration through arthritis. Strong anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed and they would stiffen the joint so that it would be unmovable. This would need to be done in about a year’s time as they thought that by then the pain would be unbearable and drugs would not be able to control it. It was shattering news to me. I hated the idea of taking any medical pill, especially anti-inflammatory pills because they have an extremely destructive effect on the digestive system and liver.

I had a sneaking suspicion that what was happening with my ankle was similar to what had happened with my wrists when they had become inflamed. It was my body manifesting my thought processes and emotions. It was letting me know that something was not right. I bought myself a plaque to hang on the wall to use as a daily reminder to myself that I wasn’t alone.

Lord help me to remember
that nothing is going to
happen to me today that
You and I together can’t handle

I tipped the pills down the toilet and prayed to God for healing. I also took a realistic look at how I was managing my personal problems. I had usually turned to my mother to discuss my problems with. However, now I was no longer able to do this as I could not afford the telephone bill. I came to the conclusion that I had put myself in this situation and it was time for me to rely on my own judgment. For the first time in my life I took total responsibility for what I was doing and thinking. My ankle began to improve remarkably. Within a few months I could walk on it with minimal pain.