‘It’s nothing cuckoo’
26th December 2011
Marion Brownlie of Lismore has released her book on helping those who want to face their demons in their life.
LISMORE Heights resident Marion Brownlie might know how to remove an unwanted spirit from someone, but just don’t call her an exorcist.
“It’s a shocking word because it brings up that image of the head swinging around (in the movie The Exorcist). It makes it sound like a real cuckoo shop,” Ms Brownlie said.

Though for many of us the exorcist term conjures up images of spinning heads and levitation, Ms Brownlie says the process is much simpler and much less like a scene from a horror movie than that.
“All it really means is getting rid of energy people don’t want around themselves. That’s on any scale, whether it’s good energy or less positive energy,” she said.

“It’s probably better to use the term ‘rescue work’.”
Ms Brownlie believes that after physical death, people are still alive.
“You’re alive in a different dimension,” she said.
According to Ms Brownlie, sometimes this non-physical form gets caught up with the thoughts of people still physically alive. Often it is a loved one that has passed on that still manages to have a hold on those they’ve left behind.
Ms Brownlie said she can ensure such entities depart from those they have inhabited.
“I put them in a trance, talk to the spirit and get them to move on,” she said.
“It makes such a huge difference to people.”

While Ms Brownlie has spent less of her recent time doing rescue work, she has written a book, titled Facing Demons, which may help people without having to see Ms Brownlie at all.
“It’s to help people with their own stuff. It’s a self-help book,” she said.
“Most people have stuff that happens to them but they’ll never talk about it.
“When people know that it’s okay to talk about that stuff and that someone will listen to them, then they’ll talk about it.
“It’s surprising how many people have had experiences out of the normal.”

Ms Brownlie said the non-physical is a topic many people are reluctant to discuss.
“It’s an area people are scared of because the western world has been taught to fear spirits a lot,” she said.
“Because it isn’t talked about in our society, it’s more or less if you don’t acknowledge it, it’s not there. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye.”
Ms Brownlie is hoping Facing Demons will get people talking about what otherwise remains unsaid