Past life regression and Hypnosis

We often bring personality traits, likes, dislike behaviour patterns including fears and phobias through from past lives. These past life memories impact this lifetime especial if there have been traumas in a previous life that have not been healed. If these emotions continued to be suppressed and stored they can easily lead to dis-ease in this lifetime. Past life regression using hypnotherapy can be a very effective means of returning to the appropriate past lives necessary to allow for the changes need in this lifetime. Hypnosis provides the platform that facilitates access to these lifetimes.

Hypnotherapy is a well know means of facilitating past life regressions. The hypnotist helps the client achieves the desired state of relaxation before guiding the client on their journey. The client always know where they need to go to get the answers they are seeking, often not what they expect.

Everyone will have a slightly different experience. People who are very visual may see vividly were as

Auditory people will possibly hear more than they see and some will sense the lifetime and not get anything in a solid kind of way. It does not matter as the healing work that need to be done seems to be able to be done regardless of how the lifetime is viewed or accessed. The following is a past life regression one of my friends gave me: excerpt is taken from Facing Demons page 241 and 242

 This was a past life back in the days of the Roman arenas. I first

 saw myself curled up in the corner of a cage. I had glorious long

black wavy hair and a strong shapely body. I saw my father had been

the man who controlled me then. I was used and abused on many

levels by him. He would take me out of the cage, clean me up, brush

 my hair and give me treats of food. I was then given to many men

to be used as they wished.


Women of this time were taken off the streets, charged with petty

crime and put in the arena for public sex displays with animals and

many other depraved acts. Once used, the women were dragged

back into the cages often ripped open, bleeding and dying. I saw

shocking, shocking things that had happened in that lifetime to

other women as well as me.


As I healed this past life, while still in trance, I saw myself as a

two-year-old in this lifetime. I kept saying, “I don’t want you to be

my father. I don’t want you to be my father.” He used to ruffle and

play with my curly hair. It must have triggered this past life memory.

Looking back it was no wonder I had no affectionate feeling or fond

memory about this demonstration of his love. My Guides came

through and laid a blue print of this lifetime with my father over the

one of my Roman lifetime. It blew my mind. It fitted exactly over

this lifetime. How he had treated me, only in different ways. He

would beat the shit out of me, and push me at other men, instead of

abusing me sexually himself. Once he had helped me sneak out of

boarding school, taken me to a strip club and done his best to get me

to strip on stage. I didn’t strip despite the pressure, but I did dance

on the stage.


I saw the reason I had chosen him as my father, in this lifetime,

was so I could help him to make amends for what had transgressed

in that lifetime. I felt a responsibility to do this, and guilt for not

having been able to be totally successful. My lesson being that I

wasn’t responsible for him choosing not to have learnt his lessons.

It wasn’t my fault. The responsibility was his to learn from this lifetime.

I recognised I had carried the feeling of responsibility for him

at that deep subconscious level to help him learn, when I released

this feeling of responsibility it was a big load off my shoulders. It

made sense of many things that had happened in my life.

End of  excerpt

 Past life experiences are not always dramatic. One of my clients recently had one where she lived a very solitary lifetime as a woodsman. She had loved the animal and forest and had been very happy living like that. She enjoys the same things in this lifetime and had always wondered why she so loved the forest and animals and had a longing for a life of solitude despite being married. The experience answered the questions she had been having about those feelings she had been experiencing. It was very appropriate and helped her to feel more settled within herself.

There is no right way or wrong way to experience past lives and they are often responsible unexplained feeling about certain placed or people. When my grandson was born I knew instantly that he had been my son in a previous life. He and I have a love bond that nothing will ever be able to change. It was instantaneous and felt by both and our innate understanding of each other is unshakable. Trust your instincts they are usually correct.

© Marion Brownlie. Author of Facing Demons