FACING DEMONS-Book Review in Connect Magazine-Reviewed by Christine Scott

 Facing Demons – An Unfolding Journey

by Marion Brownlie

‘For our souls to grow we often choose a path that will challenge us to the upmost.’

What kind of family situation did you choose to be born into? To have a somewhat easy and happy childhood? Or to learn some of life’s lessons early?

Dealing with self confidence and esteem issues at an early age plagued the author of this book and her life suffered because of it.

‘It is a deep belief of mine that we create or choose, on some level, all experiences that happen to us, to ultimately help ourselves to greater understanding, personal growth and inner strength.’

Marion’s true journey began with a life-changing experience that put her on the path to self empowerment and healing. It introduced her to the subconscious, spirit possession, alternative dimensions, and the power of love and hope. It led her to spiritual enlightenment.

‘Healing our life and ourselves is a process of self-searching and personal growth. Changing old ways of behaving and thinking will often take us through the death of our old selves.’

If you’ve ever been in the depths of despair you will relate to this book. It is full of sorrow and basic instincts of survival. Journey with Marion as she faces her demons and along the way you will get valuable tools for healing, clearing entities, and living life.

Marion overcame adversity and healed herself with strength, resilience and determination. Her story documents how we all have the ability to access the same qualities if we choose. It encompasses hope and love, and its message also comes from The Bible.

This book is a story of tragedies and triumphs. It is the unfolding journey of the life of Marion Brownlie.

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